Wax On, Hair Be Gone! Shaveworks: The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion

The official start of summer is June 21st but for me, the first yacht/boat party of the year always marks the beginning of the summer season. The summer season brings good weather and that usually includes wearing as little clothing as possible or being laid up by the pool or on the lake or the river. While you’re laid up by the pool soaking up rays in your cute swimsuit or bikini, you definitely have to make sure you groomed down there; yes ladies, down there!

Waxing and hair removal is one of life’s necessary evils. For some, having hair anywhere on the body is a personal preference but I prefer to have no hair anywhere except on my head! Waxing can be very intrusive and honestly it flat out hurts. One thing I use to help combat the pain is the Not Feeling It Numbing and Cooling Spray from Completely Bare. I wax my bikini area so I use this spray pre and post waxing to help numb and soothe that sensitive area. Don’t be alarmed but it is really cold! Another product that has also helped me tremendously is the Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion by Shaveworks. I use this product to combat those pesky ingrown hairs. In most people of African descent like myself, our hair grows out of the hair follicle in a curly pattern and can sometimes get trapped underneath the skin causing ingrown hairs. I use this gel lotion not only on my bikini area, but also under my arms and on my legs after I shave to reduce ingrown hairs, hair bumps, and possible razor burn. This may be one of those products you have to hide or even share with your man!

*Tend Skin is also another great product to purchase, but has been discontinued from Sephora stores. You can find it here.*

1 oz. Not Feeing It Numbing and Cooling Spray is $10 at completelybare.com

5.3 oz. Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion is $25 at Sephora.com


Steppin’ into Summer: Keds Redesigned

When I was little, my summers’ consisted of going to visit my great-grandmother and playing around with my cousins in my all white Keds tennis shoes. My dad always bought my sister’s and I white shoes growing up (especially Keds) because they matched with almost everything, we could just slip them on and off, and they were extremely affordable.  As I grew older and began to establish “fashion sense”, Keds became less attractive as I gravitated toward loud and flashy shoes with various color ways and high heels. Keds almost seemed geriatric with their muted colors. Remember when they got dirty and you attempted to clean them? You were left with this ugly yellow ring around the perimeter of the shoe and a broken heart.

Keds has done a complete overhaul of their shoes and I absolutely adore their new, fresh, and fun designs. These aren’t the Keds of yesteryear; Taylor Swift has even designed a line of shoes for the retailer in hopes of reaching fashion forward millennials.  They are easy to slip on and go with almost anything. I definitely recommend this shoe for summer when you’re just hanging out around town, grooving at concerts and music festivals, or relaxing with friends. These shoes are so stylish; I even wear them to work! Do yourself a favor and head over to www.keds.com and pick up a few pairs! Plus, there is free shipping on every order. Happy shopping!