Wax On, Hair Be Gone! Shaveworks: The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion

The official start of summer is June 21st but for me, the first yacht/boat party of the year always marks the beginning of the summer season. The summer season brings good weather and that usually includes wearing as little clothing as possible or being laid up by the pool or on the lake or the river. While you’re laid up by the pool soaking up rays in your cute swimsuit or bikini, you definitely have to make sure you groomed down there; yes ladies, down there!

Waxing and hair removal is one of life’s necessary evils. For some, having hair anywhere on the body is a personal preference but I prefer to have no hair anywhere except on my head! Waxing can be very intrusive and honestly it flat out hurts. One thing I use to help combat the pain is the Not Feeling It Numbing and Cooling Spray from Completely Bare. I wax my bikini area so I use this spray pre and post waxing to help numb and soothe that sensitive area. Don’t be alarmed but it is really cold! Another product that has also helped me tremendously is the Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion by Shaveworks. I use this product to combat those pesky ingrown hairs. In most people of African descent like myself, our hair grows out of the hair follicle in a curly pattern and can sometimes get trapped underneath the skin causing ingrown hairs. I use this gel lotion not only on my bikini area, but also under my arms and on my legs after I shave to reduce ingrown hairs, hair bumps, and possible razor burn. This may be one of those products you have to hide or even share with your man!

*Tend Skin is also another great product to purchase, but has been discontinued from Sephora stores. You can find it here.*

1 oz. Not Feeing It Numbing and Cooling Spray is $10 at completelybare.com

5.3 oz. Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion is $25 at Sephora.com


Weekend Mud Slinging: Love and Beauty Face Masks by Forever 21

My hormones and diet have been so out of whack lately that my skin has been doing whatever it wants. I am victim of cystic acne (yes a victim!!) and every few months or whenever I have been on a fried food/sugar-laden food binge, I get the biggest bumps on or around my chin, nose, or somewhere on my t-zone. By definition, cystic acne is a lesion under the skin caused by overactive oil-glands (sebum). The oil-gland becomes clogged and creates a large hard bump under the skin. I can almost always feel when this type of bump is coming and it usually takes longer to treat than your normal pimple. Before I headed out to SXSW last week, I was shopping for some trinkets at Forever 21 and I discovered these face masks in a bin at the register. I knew that I was going to need these because of all the energy-drinks and the less than healthy food I was going to consume during that week plus I got two huge bumps on my chin and forehead as soon as I returned home. If you know me, you know Sunday’s are for washing my hair and detoxing from the past week. I chose to use the papaya purifying dead sea mud mask. I wanted my skin to get a really good deep cleaning and this mask is supposed to help bring all the toxins and bacteria to the surface and help diminish those pesky bumps. I love a good face mask and these were only $1! I don’t know anywhere you can get a spa-like facial for $1.

Some of the ingredients in the mask include bentonite, sea salt, lemon, kaolin, and sugar cane which helps clear your skin of all impurities. As soon as I put on the mask, I felt a nice cooling, tingling sensation. I also felt the mask tighten as it dried (I’m sure drawing out all the toxins). I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and rinsed with cool water. I try to use a facial mask about 2 times per week. I don’t recommend everyday use because you do not want to dry out your skin. If your skin is oily like mine, if your skin gets too dry, your face will try to overcompensate for that and produce more oil causing more acne!

**You can get about two masks per packet. I wrapped the packet with extra mask in foil and put in the the refrigerator for my next use.**

It’s Wash Day: Hairfinity by Brock Beauty

Sunday has become wash day in my house. Every other Sunday after church, I get myself together and wash my full head of hair. After cutting all my hair off in 2009, I finally decided I wanted to grow it back in 2013. My hair grows best when it is untouched so I grew it out enough to braid so that I could get a sew-in (extensions).  As soon as I got my sew-in, my beautician told me about a daily supplement that would aid in the grow-out process. Hairfinity was the product my beautician told me I had to try so I began taking these supplements in May 2013. It is now March 2014.  See my progress below:

My hair progression over the last 9 months

My hair progression over the last 9 months. Oct 2013 pic is the first time I took my sew-in (extensions) out. Feb 2014 pic was taken after taking out my 2nd sew-in. Weave free!

*Disclaimer*: I have not had a relaxer since October 2012 and my hair is completely natural but it is color treated. It has been blown-out and pressed. Health and nutrition also play a factor in your hair’s ability to grow and remain healthy. Hairfinity supplements your body with basic nutrients that are essential for hair and skin health such as vitamins B, C, and D, Biotin, and MSM.

March 2014

March 2014: No weave, pressed and curled!

2-Month Supply

2-Month Supply

1-Month Supply is $24 at www.hairfinity.com. Take two tablets daily with meals.

Please consult your doctor or physician before use.

February Favorites

Some of my favorite products from the month of February!

Some of my favorite products from the month of February!

Elizabeth and James: Nirvana White

If you know me, you know I am a perfume snob.  I insist on smelling delicious wherever I go and I will never just wear anything. On one of my weekly trips to Sephora, I saw this very chic display of new perfume from Elizabeth and James. Elizabeth and James is the brainchild of the famous Olsen Twins (yes, those twins…Mary Kate and Ashley) and their more affordable fashion line under their flagship and luxury brand The Row. Every project the Olsen’s put their names on are chic with every detail executed to perfection. This perfume is no different.  For goodness sake, the bottles look like pieces of art! (Seriously, I’m saving the bottle to put on my bookshelf.) There are actually two perfumes in this debut; Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. Nirvana Black actually smells very similar to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid while Nirvana White is very soft with beautiful notes of peony.  I have never smelled anything like the Nirvana White. I know I will be wearing this perfume throughout the spring and well into the fall. I recently wore it to a networking mixer and people were literally coming across the room to ask me what perfume I was wearing.

**Sidenote- The Sephora perfume consultant blended both the Nirvana Black and White and they smelled great together. They can be worn this way as well!**

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White (and Black) can be found at sephora.com

1 oz. $55

1.7 oz. $75

Shea Moisture: Coconut and Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

Lately, my skin has been really dull and dry and not as soft as I would like for it to be. I know that lack of hydration has probably contributed to some of these issues, but I needed a fix and quickly. I headed to my local drugstore (Walgreens) to peruse the aisles for a good body scrub and lotion and I came across Shea Moisture products. I had heard from friends about the softness and hydration effects from this brand’s hair products and when I discovered they had a line specifically for your body, I already knew what I was going to buy. I am cuckoo for anything coconut so I decided to try the Coconut and Hibiscus scrub. This product smells as good as it sounds. This scrub is all natural and enriched with vitamin E. After I got out of the shower, I didn’t need to use any other lotions or oils on my body. I used this scrub with a loofah and after the redness died down (from scrubbing so vigorously), I really was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

12 oz. $9.99 and can be found at Walgreens and Target stores.

Carol’s Daughter Scar Butter

Every time I have a blemish and it finally goes away, I am usually left with an ugly little dark mark that takes months to fade away. I was reading up on some products and came across Carol’s Daughter Scar Butter. CD is known for their natural products and I have very sensitive skin so I am always on the hunt for products with natural ingredients that don’t cause irritation or inflammation.  I’ve been using it for about 8 weeks now and I can definitely say that my skin is softer and my skin tone has evened out. Some of those pesky dark marks have even started to fade. I try to apply this product twice a day; in the morning as a moisturizer before primer and at night again as a moisturizer. I have noticed that using it in the daytime before I use a primer and put on my makeup, the scar butter makes my skin a little oiler during the day.  I have discontinued using it in the mornings but I continue to use it at night. Hopefully with continued use, these marks will go away! I would suggest using this product anywhere you have small scars or areas where you have hyper-pigmentation like the knees or elbows.  (I recently burned the left side of my mouth trying to use a hair removal cream and my sensitive skin was not having it! Good thing the scar butter has essential healing oils and the burn has gone away but I have a little ugly mark and I’m using this cream to help fade it.)

1 oz. $12 and can be found at carolsdaughter.com

Pop Beauty’s Face  Magnet Primer

Pop Beauty is a popular cosmetic brand in London now making a huge splash here in the US.  I try a lot of different products but once I find a good combination that works for me, I usually stick with it. My go-to primer is from Hourglass Cosmetics and it is their Veil Mineral Primer. The Veil primer has a very silky texture and helps me stay matte, but it can sometimes leave that white glow that you usually get after applying sunscreen. I was convinced to try Pop’s Face Magnet Primer while in Ulta and I have to say I have added a new product to my beauty regime. The Face Magnet Primer really acts as a magnet for your makeup. I noticed that my pores were smaller, my makeup stayed in place longer, and light reflected off my face in a beautiful way. Days when I am not in a makeup-wearing mood, after I moisturize, I use this primer and go on about my day.  I will still use both products, but after trying Pop Beauty’s primer, I will definitely be seeking out more products from this brand.

Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer is $26 and can be found at http://www.popbeauty.co.uk or ulta.com

Beauty Review: “Heaux”-ing in the Bahamas

Hey MeaganElyce.com followers!! It’s been a few days since my last blog post and that is because I took some time off and had a lovely vacation at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas! Over the next week, I will be sharing video, photos, and more posts from my FABULOUS trip.  Of course I took some of my favorite beauty products to the island and here is a video of my “Heaux” lipstick review from the RiRi Loves MAC Summer Collection by Rihanna. I’m really excited because this is also my first YouTube video! Tell us what you think….Enjoy!

Buffy the Body Slayer

A bar of soap made to slay the backside…This exfoliating and moisturizing bar made by Lush Cosmetics might be the last body exfoliator you ever need. I went to Lush to get the Sweet Lips lip scrub and I walked out with Buffy. This bar is made with ground almonds, ground rice, cocoa butter, and shea butter. I bought the smaller bar just to test it out and sadly, I had no more Buffy after about a week. I usually exfoliate my entire body 2 times a week to prevent dryness, but I used Buffy every day for a week. My skin was smooth and supple and I did not need to apply any oil or lotion after coming out of the shower. I would recommend using this bar a few days before you shave and I also recommend bathing before and after you use the bar because its easier to rinse away the ground almond and rice pieces. I suggest buying the larger bar because it will last a little longer and possibly after using the bar, with the almond and rice exfoliants that are left on the body, maybe use a loofa all over instead of going back over your body with Buffy to help extend the life of the soap. Buffy is quite pricey at $11.95-$22.95. This product is all natural and worth every penny. If there is not a Lush Cosmetics in your area, head over to www.Lush.com and get to buffin’ that booty!

Everything’s Coming up Roses: Smith’s Rosebud Salve

One of the most sensual and beautiful smells in the world is probably the smell of fresh roses. The smell of fresh flowers seems to awaken all the senses and instantly puts us in a better mood. I was reading an article a few months ago that featured the Queen Bey aka Beyonce’. Being considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, of course everyone wants her to dish on her favorite beauty products in hopes they can achieve some of her same looks. Beyonce’ mentioned one of her favorite products to use was Rosebud Salve. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a blend of essential oils and cottonseed oil that is an all-purpose skin prep. She uses it to prime her eyelashes before she puts on mascara.  While shopping in one of my beloved stores for all things beauty, Sephora, I came across a tin of Rosebud Salve next to the register. I instantly popped it in my bag and it only cost me a whopping $6!

If you are one of those girls that doesn’t wear much eye makeup, this product is a great alternative for mascara. It makes the eyelashes stand out without the thickness and clump factor some mascaras provide. It is also a great conditioner for the lips, cuticles, hands, and feet. It soothes dry and itchy skin and leaves you feeling moisturized all day long. I absolutely love this product and never leave home without a tin in my purse.

Purchase at Sephora stores or online at www.sephora.com and www.drugstore.com