Belle’s of the Ball: Mia’s Closet Houston and Macy’s Helps Girls Get Prom Ready

Prom season has officially arrived. It’s the time of year where high school girls everywhere obsess over every prom detail from the makeup they want to wear, who will be their date, and most importantly; THE DRESS. Even though the dress is technically the most important decision some of these young girls have made in their young lives thus far, the dream dress really is just a wish for several girls due to income restrictions and lack of resources for many families struggling economically. This past weekend, Mia’s Closet Houston has once again teamed up with Macy’s to help make several girls prom dreams come true by providing prom dresses, makeup, and styling services all free of charge. I know from experience how important prom is for many teenagers out there (I had a horrible prom even though I was Prom Queen but thankful I got to have a re-do because of my awesome friends!) and this event helped so many girls make their prom dreams come true!

Girls were first welcomed with sweet eats and treats as they prepared to be pampered. Macy’s Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Specialists consulted with each girl about their makeup looks and then worked their magic to prepare them to be the belle’s of the ball! After makeup, the girls were given hair consultations and stylists showed the girls how to re-create certain styles for easy breezy hair that will still look good after dancing the night away. Lastly, each girl was able to choose the prom dress of their dreams with donations from generous volunteers and Decidete Mujer which is an organization that helps educate and develop leadership values and mentorship in Latino women. All of the girls were so excited to see their new looks and walk away with new dresses. I was so excited and honored to be involved in this year’s prom event and I am eagerly anticipating next year! See pics from the event below!


Time to Give Back: March of Dimes March for Babies

March of Dimes Logo

Every year, the March of Dimes holds their annual March for Babies in cities across the country to help improve the health of mothers and babies. March of Dimes was originally founded to help combat the polio disease by President Franklin D. Roosevelt but has since taken on the role of caring for the overall health of mothers and babies to prevent infant mortality and premature birth. Every year, my good friend Brittany Scott (@iCanOnlyBeB) builds a team to march and help fundraise for this wonderful charity. Over 1 million people all over the world participate in these walks every year helping to raise more than $1.8 billion since 1970. Muhammad Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth”. Please help Brittany and her team raise TONS of money for the March of Dimes so that they can help be of service to mothers and babies all around the globe. This year’s Houston March takes place on April 27, 2014 at the University of Houston and we will be marching in memory of Brittany’s cousin Koreian “Koko” Dupas. If you would like to march with myself and Brittany’s team We Do It For The Kids, you can sign up and make a donation below!

Join and Donate to Team WE DO IT FOR THE KIDS!

If you do not live in the Houston area but would like to walk in the March for Babies, visit the link below and find a march in your city!

Please visit the March of Dimes website for more information:

Follow March of Dimes and March of Dimes Houston on Twitter!



Shopping for a Cause: Local Fashion Trucks Join Forces to Support Mia’s Closet Houston

Decked out in the parking lot of popular midtown eatery Crave Sushi, local fashion trucks set-up shop for patrons to purchase fabulous fashions and custom finds. I absolutely love shopping but I love it even more when some of my dollars are benefitting a great cause. My friend Chelsea Coffey of the and The Coffey Shop created the non-profit Mia’s Closet to initially serve underprivileged girls with access to free clothing with the help of volunteers acting as personal stylists. Due to the overwhelming community response, Mia’s Closet and it’s subsidiary Niko’s Locker, serves all children K-12th grade with not only access to clothing, but access to recreational activities in the community and vision planning that help to create positive emotional support and confidence for these kids and their families. Mia’s Closet has two permanent locations in Parks Youth Ranch for Homeless Teens and Las Americas Middle School.


The Shop and Chew Truck Block Party was a huge success with support from the following fashion trucks: Park Boutique (@ParkBoutique), Height of Vintage (@HeightofVintage), ShoeBar, Urban Izzy, Punch Drunk Fashion Truck (@PunchDrunkTruck), The Coffey Shop and DJ Fanci (@DJFanci) of popular local radio station and community staple 97.9 The Box. I picked up a few items from Park Boutique and it’s wonderful owner Lillie Parks. Make sure you follow all of these wonderful vendors and SUPPORT them either online or if they happen to be in your area. You can also donate to Mia’s Closet via PayPal here or drop-off clothing at any of the donation sites below. Mia’s Closet can also arrange for your items to be picked-up! Check the Mia’s Closet website for future volunteer opportunities as well!


Donation Sites:

Las Americas 6501 Bellaire Boulevard Houston, TX 77074-6428 Phone: 713-773-5300

Parks Youth Ranch 11614 FM 361 Rd, Richmond, TX 77469 Phone: 281-392-5794

Transformation Youth Center 113 Coronado St. Houston, TX 770098  Phone: 713-864-7466

**Email for more information, your tax receipts or to sign up you, your company, your fraternity/sorority, youth group or community organization to volunteer!**

Follow Mia’s Closet on Twitter@miascloset_hou

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Because I’m Happyyyy!: International Day of Happiness

It’s time to smile because today has been deemed International Day of Happiness.  Fresh off the heels of the mega-successful, smash-hit song “Happy”, the United Nations Foundation has teamed up with super-producer and music artist Pharrell in support of humanitarian work around the world.  Go to to submit pictures and videos of you doing things that make you or others happy. The goal of the foundation is to create a happier world for people everywhere and raise money for the UN’s Central Emergency Fund (CERF). What is happiness to you? Use the hashtag #HappyDay and let everyone around the world see your happiness!

You can donate to the United Nation’s Central Emergency Fund (CERF) here!

Use #HappyDay and upload your pics and videos to all your social media platforms!

Use #HappyDay and upload your pics and videos to all your social media platforms!

Finding My Way Back

It’s been a little over 6 months since my last blog post and I just wanted to let all of my faithful readers know that I am officially back! The last few months have been a whirlwind. I was laid off from my corporate job due to the good ole’ company reorganization, I moved to another city, and lost a little of my passion along the way. I created this blog to share all of the things that I found beautiful, things that inspired me, and to share all of the fun things that being a “Girl About Town” suggests. Blogging is something that I have done for a long time for other people and publications. I started this blog to share the things I wanted to share and write for me and people like me. Thank you to all of you who have reached out through emails, phone calls, and texts to ask where I have been and when I was coming back. A really good friend of mine sent me a little reminder that made all the difference in the world.  My friend’s words were to “SEE IT THROUGH.” My friend always said this when I had a crazy idea or when I was working on a ridiculous project that seemed impossible to finish. I promise to see through and provide the content that I know you all love and deserve. Thank you for sticking with me. Love you like XO!


For Colored Girls: Dark Girls the Documentary

For the last 5 years, every time I went to visit my aunt, there was this hauntingly beautiful painting of a woman in every shade of brown you could imagine. She was dark brown, light brown, coffee, mocha, chestnut, and everything in between. She represented a black woman and the various skin tones that you find in black people.  She was stunning.  From the moment that I saw her, I knew she had to be mine.

Jamaal Stafford is the wonderful artist that created this painting and I thought it was so beautiful that he decided to show women that no matter what the color of your skin is, we are all beautiful. Colorism is an issue that plagues the black community and often times pits “light skin” against “dark skin”. Colorism is the idea that white skin or lighter skin is superior to darker skin. We all know that this notion is not true but for several cultures, especially black people in America, this idea has become fact.

On Sunday, June 23, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network will debut the documentary Dark Girls by Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry, which originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011. Dark Girls examines the lives and experiences of dark-skinned women in America and Latin America and the racism, classism, and prejudices they experience within their own communities.

Catch the world premiere of Dark Girls on OWN on June 23, at 10 p.m. EST and catch Jamaal Stafford’s work at Art & Seek at the South Dallas Cultural Center through June 30.

Suffering From a Quarter Life Crisis

While in the middle of my graduate program, I felt like I had come to a crossroads and I had no idea in which direction I was headed. What am I going to do with my degree when I finish school? What career path should I take? How do I get my finances in order? What do I want in my personal life? Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?

From the outside, I was living a single gals dream (and I still am) but I felt so confused and lost on the inside. I am a Christian and Christianity teaches us to have faith in God and lean not on our own understanding. I believed and practiced those things but I still wrestled with all of those thoughts and questions mentioned above.  While on a trip to Barnes and Noble to look for a schoolbook, there was this book literally sticking out on a shelf directly in front of me. The book was called 20 Something, 20 Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction by Christine Hassler.

20 Something, 20 Everything

Needless to say, I bought the book and read it cover to cover…in days.  Hassler shares stories of young women who have had the same questions as myself and notes that women tend to scrutinize every aspect of their own lives. One poignant moment for me was her statement about keeping things in perspective and denying a need to keep up with the Joneses.  I embodied Christine’s “twenties triangle” theory; who am I? What do I want? How do I get it? I was the exact description of this theory; unsettled and struggling to reassess my position within this so-called triangle.

This book has become a valuable resource and I recommend it to all of my girlfriend’s who are facing some of the same life dilemmas. Only you have the power to change your situation and most times that starts with changing your thinking and gaining an understanding. This resource has helped me to do all of those things and more and hopefully it can do the same for you.  This book is truly for women of all ages. If you decide to pick up this great book, let me know your thoughts and please share in the comments section below or email me at Happy reading!