Weekend Mud Slinging: Love and Beauty Face Masks by Forever 21

My hormones and diet have been so out of whack lately that my skin has been doing whatever it wants. I am victim of cystic acne (yes a victim!!) and every few months or whenever I have been on a fried food/sugar-laden food binge, I get the biggest bumps on or around my chin, nose, or somewhere on my t-zone. By definition, cystic acne is a lesion under the skin caused by overactive oil-glands (sebum). The oil-gland becomes clogged and creates a large hard bump under the skin. I can almost always feel when this type of bump is coming and it usually takes longer to treat than your normal pimple. Before I headed out to SXSW last week, I was shopping for some trinkets at Forever 21 and I discovered these face masks in a bin at the register. I knew that I was going to need these because of all the energy-drinks and the less than healthy food I was going to consume during that week plus I got two huge bumps on my chin and forehead as soon as I returned home. If you know me, you know Sunday’s are for washing my hair and detoxing from the past week. I chose to use the papaya purifying dead sea mud mask. I wanted my skin to get a really good deep cleaning and this mask is supposed to help bring all the toxins and bacteria to the surface and help diminish those pesky bumps. I love a good face mask and these were only $1! I don’t know anywhere you can get a spa-like facial for $1.

Some of the ingredients in the mask include bentonite, sea salt, lemon, kaolin, and sugar cane which helps clear your skin of all impurities. As soon as I put on the mask, I felt a nice cooling, tingling sensation. I also felt the mask tighten as it dried (I’m sure drawing out all the toxins). I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and rinsed with cool water. I try to use a facial mask about 2 times per week. I don’t recommend everyday use because you do not want to dry out your skin. If your skin is oily like mine, if your skin gets too dry, your face will try to overcompensate for that and produce more oil causing more acne!

**You can get about two masks per packet. I wrapped the packet with extra mask in foil and put in the the refrigerator for my next use.**


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