It’s Wash Day: Hairfinity by Brock Beauty

Sunday has become wash day in my house. Every other Sunday after church, I get myself together and wash my full head of hair. After cutting all my hair off in 2009, I finally decided I wanted to grow it back in 2013. My hair grows best when it is untouched so I grew it out enough to braid so that I could get a sew-in (extensions).  As soon as I got my sew-in, my beautician told me about a daily supplement that would aid in the grow-out process. Hairfinity was the product my beautician told me I had to try so I began taking these supplements in May 2013. It is now March 2014.  See my progress below:

My hair progression over the last 9 months

My hair progression over the last 9 months. Oct 2013 pic is the first time I took my sew-in (extensions) out. Feb 2014 pic was taken after taking out my 2nd sew-in. Weave free!

*Disclaimer*: I have not had a relaxer since October 2012 and my hair is completely natural but it is color treated. It has been blown-out and pressed. Health and nutrition also play a factor in your hair’s ability to grow and remain healthy. Hairfinity supplements your body with basic nutrients that are essential for hair and skin health such as vitamins B, C, and D, Biotin, and MSM.

March 2014

March 2014: No weave, pressed and curled!

2-Month Supply

2-Month Supply

1-Month Supply is $24 at Take two tablets daily with meals.

Please consult your doctor or physician before use.


12 thoughts on “It’s Wash Day: Hairfinity by Brock Beauty

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