Aladdin the Ballet

Aladdin the Ballet

This past weekend, I went to the Houston Ballet at the Wortham Center for their latest production, Aladdin. When I first saw the promotions for this show, I knew I had to go. Could you imagine the story of Aladdin being told through dance and song? I definitely could so I scooped up the first pair of tickets I could find since this production was on a limited 2-week run. This ballet was everything I imagined and more. It was magical and beautiful with many surprises during its lengthy 2 hour and 30 minute show time. People were literally on the edge of their seats watching the dancers glide across the stage as they were hypnotized by the drums, strings, and tambourines played by the orchestra. This definitely was not the Disney version of Aladdin but a new creation by choreographer David Bintley of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. This was the American premiere of Aladdin as the world premiere took place in November 2008 in Tokyo, Japan by the National Ballet of Japan. Unfortunately, the last show day of Aladdin was March 2nd, but if you would like to experience other beautiful works to be performed by the Houston Ballet, visit for future shows and to purchase tickets. Swan Lake is coming to Houston in June!


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