Buffy the Body Slayer

A bar of soap made to slay the backside…This exfoliating and moisturizing bar made by Lush Cosmetics might be the last body exfoliator you ever need. I went to Lush to get the Sweet Lips lip scrub and I walked out with Buffy. This bar is made with ground almonds, ground rice, cocoa butter, and shea butter. I bought the smaller bar just to test it out and sadly, I had no more Buffy after about a week. I usually exfoliate my entire body 2 times a week to prevent dryness, but I used Buffy every day for a week. My skin was smooth and supple and I did not need to apply any oil or lotion after coming out of the shower. I would recommend using this bar a few days before you shave and I also recommend bathing before and after you use the bar because its easier to rinse away the ground almond and rice pieces. I suggest buying the larger bar because it will last a little longer and possibly after using the bar, with the almond and rice exfoliants that are left on the body, maybe use a loofa all over instead of going back over your body with Buffy to help extend the life of the soap. Buffy is quite pricey at $11.95-$22.95. This product is all natural and worth every penny. If there is not a Lush Cosmetics in your area, head over to www.Lush.com and get to buffin’ that booty!


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