MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick (Matte)

Red is one of my favorite colors. Red is the color of love, fire, heat, and passion. I used to love watching my aunt paint her nails fire engine red with flaming red lips to match. Growing up, my sisters and I were never allowed to wear red anything because my dad thought that color was too grown for us. They say, if you want a man’s attention, then wear red! My dad may have been on to something by not letting us wear much red but as soon as I was grown and on my own, I bought my first tube of red lipstick and I have been in love ever since!

Most people are afraid of red lipstick because of its vibrancy, the attention it draws to the mouth, and the fact they think it just doesn’t look good. Red lipstick actually makes the teeth look whiter and can instantly add a pop of color to any makeup palette or outfit. One of the red lipsticks that I adore and drives the men insane is Ruby Woo by MAC. It is a matte red lipstick, which I prefer because it doesn’t have that extra shine or sheen to it and it is only $15. Ruby Woo has blue undertones and compliments my dark-brown skin (I am African-American). Not all reds are created equal.  There are true reds, red with blue undertones, and reds with orange and pink undertones.  Most people are wearing the wrong hue for their skin tone and finding the right hue is essential to pulling off the red lip.  Life is about taking risks; Take a risk, put on that new lipstick and paint the town red!

Image 10

***Note: Before I apply Ruby Woo, because it can be a little drying, I like to use a moisturizing lip balm like EOS before application.

Purchase at MAC stores or online at


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